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SmartPower ( Motobike )

SmartPower ( Motobike )

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A 100% organic compound for engines, which ensures real fuel economy, increases engine power and reduces harmful emissions. It can combine and mix with any engine oil, hydraulic oil, cutting lubricant, or synthetic oil with no side effects. 

  • This unique technology of “Maintenance through Driving" creates a 0.02–0.03 mm monomolecular protective membrane between the auto parts
  • Creates an ultra-smooth protective film that lowers friction and fills the metal surface. 
  • It changes the molecular structure of the metal surface which eliminates barriers such as carbon build-up and oil sludge under high temperature and high pressure.
  • Saves money on repairs by lowering the machine's working temperature, vibration, and noise. 
  • By reducing friction we are able to achieve huge savings on fuel.

1 Tube for bikes under 200cc

2 Tubes for bike between 200cc-400cc

3 Tubes for bikes between 400cc-600cc

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