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What is PHI technology in EcoHeal ?

Everything you Need to Know About PHI Technology, the Latest Air Purifier Technology in the Market

PHI technology is the latest innovation in the field of air purifiers. The tech mimics the way that nature purifies the air.

PHI Technology Introduction in Brief

PHI Technology, the acronym for Photohydroiozination technology simulates the natural interaction between sunlight, water, and chlorophyll to purify the air. A photosynthetic technology as we can say, with PHI, you can let nature play inside your house. The principle of the tech is that instead of waiting for the dust to pass through the filter, the filter itself produces particles that find dust and sterilize them.

PHI technology is the newest innovation in the world of air filters. It is soon expected to take over the ultra-popular HEPA filter, owing to its many benefits over the former.

On the other hand, PHI does everything that HEPA filter can do, and more at the same time. It removes dust mite, mold, toluene, PM2.5 particles- literally everything pollutant in the air. It can even eliminate bad odor. Adding on to that, it decomposes harmful gases and at the same time, deodorises the air. It can handle viruses, bacteria, and formaldehyde.The 99% sterilisation rate means no air purifier has ever been as efficient as the ones using PHI technology and the best part of all, it is not at all expensive. Due to this, PHI air purification is used in ships, 5-star hotels, restaurants, and more.




How Does PHI Technology Work?

The Eco heal Electronic tree is equipped with PHI technology. It uses the most comprehensive way to eliminate dirt, dust, germs, and pollutants of all kind. It consists of a broad-spectrum UV lamp, which directs light towards a unique quad metallic catalyst. When the light touches the catalyst, it creates oxidisers such as Hydrogen Peroxide. These oxidisers are abundant in nature, and they are responsible for keeping the forest air clean, killing bacteria, and deactivating viruses.

Thus, PHI technology is a perfect way of mimicking how nature works to keep the air you breathe in clean. It lets you breathe in oxygen just like nature tells you to.

Cheapest Way to Purify the Air

Of course, it took a lot of research for scientists and experts to come up with the PHI technology, but the base of the study was to create the most energy efficient and affordable device for air purification. As a result, the tech is not expensive, and at the same time, is completely eco-friendly. Also, as it is all about the lamp, you won’t have to replace any filters and thus the maintenance is a piece of cake.


A Technology Trusted by The World Leaders

Ever wondered what type of air purifiers have been installed in the most popular buildings in the world? These buildings around the world use Photohydroiozination Technology.

  • The White House (Residence of the President in the United States of America)
  • Beijing Hilton Beijing
  • Texas University of Texas, USA
  • Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, USA
  • Jia-he Postpartum Care Center

And many more.

Introduce the Technology to Your Home Now

The best recommendation for a device based on PHI technology would be the Ecoheal Electronic Tree. It is cheap, effective and easy to maintain.

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