About Us

Coming from a background that innately believes in the balance of all aspects of life and
health, Keith and Neil have brought about an equilibrium through their wellness goods, to
enhance immunity while invigorating the body and mind. By creating such a poise between
ancient healing techniques and advanced technology, our team has established a remedy,
an outcome of intricate research along with cumulative experience.

By holding the vision and trusting the process, we at Keith and Neil deeply resonate with our
purpose of cultivating the interplay between healthcare, tech and sustainability. We envision
an energetic society in which holistic development and vitality are not just special
advantages for some - but the norm for all.

Keith and Neil, under Silver Dollar, are empowered through innovation, an insatiable
curiosity and a spark for social impact.We believe that the path to a hearty lifestyle and
inter-generational equity is through progressive change - and that change starts with you.