Curing insomnia and getting uninterrupted  sleep

Curing insomnia and getting uninterrupted sleep

One-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and the person will die if they do not sleep for five days. It can be seen that sleep is a human physiological need. Sleep, as a necessary process of life, is an important part of the body’s recovery, integration and consolidation of memory, and an indispensable part of health. According to the World Health Organization survey, 27% of people have sleep problems. To awaken people’s awareness of the importance of sleep, the International Mental Health Organization designates March 21 of each year as “World Sleep Day”

Medical research shows that occasional insomnia can cause fatigue and uncoordinated movements the next day. Long-term insomnia can have consequences such as inability to concentrate, memory impairment, and negative effects from work. Sleep problems trouble many people, and even some need to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep.

The most common cause of insomnia is neurasthenia. These are caused by too many harmful free radicals. Harmful free radicals will constantly take away the electrons of the body’s cells, so that the cells are unsaturated, and even trigger the imbalance of the body. Weak people will cause people’s neurasthenia, causing people to easily feel fatigued, sleepiness and insomnia. The most serious cause of various diseases and even cancer. Hydrogen has a selective antioxidant effect, which can effectively remove harmful free radicals in the body. besides, it can supplement the hydrogen required for the functioning of the human body, regulate the secretion disorders in the human body, and calm the mood. People feel energetic every day, and sleep naturally can be significantly improved.

  • However, being exposed to chronic stress at workplace, our sympathetic nerves become overly activated, resulting in not being able to fall asleep at night. Even after falling asleep with much effort, shallow sleep is repeated, which is insufficient for the brain to recover from the stress that it received throughout the day. Once this patter is repeated, it becomes difficult to escape from chronic fatigue, and the immune system is lowered.

    Not only workers, but students/teens are also in an environment where good quality of sleep is hard to achieve, due to late night studying, parents returning home late, smartphone games, etc.

    Lack of sleep during growth period causes impaired concentration and cognitive skills and causes obesity. Moreover, it also impairs the frontal lobe where it controls emotions.

    Hydrogen inhalation has an effect of creating a balance between sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves, hence calming down the brain. If parasympathetic nerve is activated, NON REM sleep is achieved, which leads to good quality of sleep that recovers mind and body’s fatigue. Deep sleep stimulates release of hormones and enhances the immune system. Performing hydrogen inhalation therapy during sleep is a great way to get into deep sleep.

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