Increasing work efficiency

Increasing work efficiency

Increase of work efficiency (becoming the “god of work” through hydrogen inhalation)


“Come up with an idea by tomorrow.” “send me the proposal by the afternoon” “tomorrow is the due date for the project.”

Company employees who are always chasing after new ideas, or creators such as city planning, designer, programmer, researcher, accountant, lawyer, composer, artist, writer, and more tend to have their nerves focused on one side of the brain, which over works the sympathetic nerve. According to a study, office workers who sit in front of a computer screen for a long time complain of shoulder pain, back pain, eye strain, trophedema, feeling cold, and period cramps more than salesperson or blue collar workers. Once afternoon hits after lunch, sympathetic nerve activity increases even more, prefrontal cortex’s activity decreases, fatigue reaches extreme, and creativity starts to run out.

This is the moment when molecular hydrogen inhalation is needed. Molecular hydrogen inhalation reaches balance of automatic nerve by activating the parasympathetic activity and allows the brain to clear out in a short period of time. This is because high concentration of hydrogen inhalation (1,200cc/min) allows the brain to rest within just 30 minutes. If you would like to increase the efficiency of afternoon’s work, you can inhale hydrogen before lunch time, before your brain starts feeling tired.

Specialized jobs or careers that require creativity usually involve working alone in front of a table, so that hydrogen inhalation is possible during work. Stimulating prefrontal cortex through 3 hours a day of hydrogen inhalation will help you become a great worker who will not be afraid of deadlines and meetings.

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